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Worker icon.pngThe humble worker is the lifeblood of any good settlement.

Class Information[edit | edit source]

Idle Settler.

Workers are the lowest tier in the class system. They have no specialized skills, but are the essential foundation of your settlement. They are used to build buildings, gather resources and haul materials around your settlement.

Promoting[edit | edit source]

The worker does not promote from any class, but can promote to many. They are ultimately the class from whom all other classes start. You can also demote any other class back to a worker at any time if you find you no longer need the specialist or you need additional workers.

Tasks[edit | edit source]

Workers can be assigned to different tasks that may help acquiring a bigger and better settlement.

  • Chop wood
  • Mine stone
  • Gather berries
  • Construct buildings
  • Place objects
  • Move objects
  • Move resources to stockpile and between stockpiles

Gear[edit | edit source]

Workers will initially carry a Mining Pick and Worker Outfit.

Upgraded Gear created by the Weaver includes:

  • Winter Worker Outfit
  • Upgraded Worker Outfit - Gives +20 Speed