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Overview[edit | edit source]

Weapons are equipped by members of your militia to protect your settlement. Weapons allow your militia to do more damage than a citizen would punching an enemy or swinging whatever tool they may be carrying.

Weapons are crafted by professionals such as the Mason and the Blacksmith. Weapons can also be looted when dropped by killed monsters.

Reach[edit | edit source]

Each weapon has a set reach. This is how far away a soldier may be from an enemy in order to hit the enemy. A longer reach allows the soldier to do damage to an enemy from the relative safety of being farther away.

Equipping Weapons[edit | edit source]

Footman progression through armor and weapon types.

Each weapon has a specific item level (also referred to as an 'ilevel'). If a higher item level weapon becomes available, then one of your soldiers will run to it and replace their own weapon with the stronger piece. As of Alpha 10, there is no way to specify if a particular weapon should be used by a particular militia member.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

There are multiple types of weapons, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Each entry lists the weapon, item level, its base damage, and its reach.

Ranged Weapons[edit | edit source]

Bows are the utilised weapon for the Archer class. It is expected that other ranged weapons such as slings, spears, and crossbows will be added in future alphas.

Icon Item Level Item Crafter Damage Reach Requirement
Bow.png 25 Archers Bow Carpenter 25 30 Archer Lv 0
Recurve bow.png 35 Recurve Bow Carpenter 35 35 Archer Lv 3

Swords[edit | edit source]

Swords are the prototypical weapon of the knight. As such, the sword is the first weapon aquired by any new recruit to the militia. The benefits of a sword over other weapons types is the ability to parry attacks, potentially reducing incoming damage and keeping precious soldiers alive longer.

Icon Item Level Item Crafter Damage Reach Requirement
Wooden-practice-sword.png 1 Wooden Sword Carpenter 10 1.5 Footman Lv 0
Bronze sword.png 14 Bronze Short Sword Blacksmith
Equipped when a hearthling changes to Knight
14 1.5 Knight Lv 0
Short sword.png 16 Steel Short Sword Blacksmith 16 1.5 Knight Lv 2
Long sword.png 18 Long Sword Blacksmith 18 1.8 Knight Lv 3
Two handed sword.png 28 Two Handed Sword Blacksmith 28 2.2 Footman Lv 5

Maces[edit | edit source]

The mace is a large, heavy object with a handle attached. Maces offer high damage output, at the expense of lowering defense. Maces, unlike swords, can not parry attacks.

Icon Item Level Item Crafter Damage Reach Requirement
Stone maul.png 11 Stone Maul Mason 11 1.5 Footman Lv 0
Bronze mace.png 14 Bronze Mace Blacksmith 14 1.5 Footman Lv 0
Iron mace.png 16 Iron Mace Blacksmith 16 1.5 Footman Lv 1
Giant bone mace.png 24 Giant Bone Mace Monster Loot
24 1.9 Footman Lv 4
Ogos bone mace.png 25 The Bonker Monster Loot (Ogo) 25 1.9 Footman Lv 4

Polearms[edit | edit source]

The polearm is the age-old favorite for taking out cavalry. A polearm allows a soldier to attack from a longer distance, forcing the enemy to defend before they can even strike at the soldier wielding it.

Like maces, the polearm does not offer the ability to parry an attack. However, they are two-handed weapons and equipping a polearm results in the unequipping of an equipped shield.

Icon Item Level Item Crafter Damage Reach Requirement
Iron pike.png 20 Iron Pike Blacksmith 20 2.0 Footman Lv 2

Axes[edit | edit source]

Axes are two-handed weapons and equipping an axe results in the unequipping of an equipped shield.

Icon Item Level Item Crafter Damage Reach Requirement
Giant bone axe.png 26 Giant Bone Axe Monster Loot
26 2.2 Footman Lv 4