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Upcoming Version[edit | edit source]

The next version of Stonehearth is planned to be Alpha 24. Features include a new and improved building editor; the addition of weather; an expanded campaign giving town buffs depending on choices for advancing to the next tier; the ability to reembark, sending some Hearthlings to a new playthrough; and cooperative multiplayer.

Planned Features[edit | edit source]

This is included from http://www.stonehearth.net/roadmap/ and is subject to change at any time. Currently active version: Alpha 22.

A full up to date list with current progress on each item can be found on the official website. The sub-lists below are ordered from the most important to the least important. This Road Map can become outdated so please go to the official website to be sure.<gallery> Devmap A22.png

Engine and Tech

Common technology and infrastructure that the whole game will use, like rendering graphics to the screen, AI, and the combat system.
Checkmark.pngSaving and loading games
Checkmark.pngTime controls (pause, fast-forward)

  • Combat Engine In progress
  • Performance improvements In progress

Checkmark.pngImproved Storage
Checkmark.pngBackwards save compatibility

  • Mod-manager
  • Auto-updater
  • Mac support
  • Linux support
  • SHED

All the settlers in your towns have jobs. A job is like a class in a role playing game. Each job has a specific role like hauling materials, building, crafting, and fighting. As your little guys work at a job they will gain experience and levels. Some jobs, when they meet certain prerequisites, can upgrade into entirely new jobs with new capabilities

  • ??? we're not going to spoil everything!

Designing and constructing large work projects, like houses, castles, towers, and bridges!
Checkmark.pngPolygonal, non-square floorplans
Checkmark.pngAbility to see inside buildings
Checkmark.pngMany more materials
Checkmark.pngMultiple stories

  • Many more construction parts In progress
  • Floor tiles and wallpaper In progress
Monsters & Denizens

You are not alone in the world of Stonehearth. The world will be populated with factions of friend and foe alike. Defend your town from enemies, and build alliances with neighboring clans.
Checkmark.pngThe Ascendancy
Checkmark.pngAnimals (deer, sheep, etc)
Checkmark.pngPlayer pets
Checkmark.pngRayya's Children

Checkmark.pngChatting & Speech Bubbles

Monsters: Entlings, Stone Golems, Giant Zombies, Varanus, Necromancer

  • Roaming Monsters More to come


  • Rabbit clan In progress
  • Pirates, Ninjas, Politicians
  • Three Kingdoms playable
  • Elementals
  • Titans
  • Dwarves as a playable race
World Generation

Worlds in Stonehearth are randomly generated. The fully-featured world will support forests, rivers, lakes, and lots of different biomes.
Checkmark.pngAbove-ground resources
Checkmark.pngUnderground resources (ore, gems, etc)
Checkmark.pngCustomizable embarkation process

  • Seasons

Checkmark.pngTemperate biome
Checkmark.pngDesert biome

  • More Biomes In progress
  • Alternate Planes
Game Master

Stonehearth will observe your in-game behavior and respond accordingly. Building up a stockpile of wealth will attract raiders, and how you deal with them will trigger different outcomes. The goal is to add an RPG-like story element to traditional simulation games.
Checkmark.pngScenario API
Checkmark.pngSeed the world with scenarios
Checkmark.pngScenario randomization
Checkmark.pngChaining and branching of scenarios
Checkmark.pngNew enemies, raids, and ambient encounters
Checkmark.pngNew combat mechanics (Part One)
Checkmark.pngNew combat mechanics (Part Two)

  • Build lots and lots of scenarios In progress

You will be able to play Stonehearth with your friends, either cooperatively within the same city, or independently building your own cities within the same game.

  • Basic multiplayer support
  • Co-op city building
  • Independent city building
  • PvP