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Trapper icon.png"The Trapper's snares capture and (ahem) "harvest" small critters for a reliable source of food and supplies."

Job Information[edit | edit source]

Trapper's Knife.

Workers can be promoted into Trappers by using a Trapper's Knife, either crafted by the Blacksmith or taken as part of the starter kit when starting your game. Once promoted, the Trapper will automatically begin to place and harvest snare traps within a designated "Trapping Zone". Trappers also have a chance to tame a critter while harvesting a snare trap.

While not patrolling their trapping zones, harvesting traps, or dropping off loot the Trapper will also help harvesting resources and move unstockpiled items into stockpiles.

Trapping Zone[edit | edit source]

Zone trap.png Through the "Zones" tab on the toolbar you can designate Trapping Zones for your Trappers to use. These trapping zones designated in the same fashion as stockpiles and have a red outline.

Snareable Critters[edit | edit source]

Name Loot
Rabbit Rabbit Pelt, Rabbit Jerky
Fox Fox Pelt, Fox Jerky
Squirrel Squirrel Pelt, Squirrel Jerky
Racoon Racoon Pelt, Racoon Jerky

Leveling[edit | edit source]

Trappers level automatically while working. Events such as harvesting unsuccessful/successful traps, unloading harvested loot, and befriending pets all give varying amounts of experience. This experience is not lost if the trapper changes jobs but if you change your trappers job he/she will lose the perks until you change them back to trapper unless you promote them to shepherd.

Icon Level Name Description Effects
Speed up.png Level 1 Speed Up 10% Long walks have increased the trapper's foot speed. The trapper will move faster. Additionally, the trapper gains the title "Journeyman Trapper".
Charm pet.png Level 2 Charm Pet The trapper will occasionally choose to turn a particularly fine animal into a pet! The trapper will gain a random critter from around the map who will follow them around.
TrapperLevel1.png Level 2 Job Opportunities The trapper now qualifies for advanced jobs. Click the promote command for details. The trapper can be promoted to new jobs, such as the Shepherd
Loot up.png Level 3 Efficient Cuts Long practice helps the trapper salvage more from each animal. More leather and jerky is recovered from trapped animals by the trapper.
Backpack up.png Level 4 Backpack Size +8 The trapper has become more efficient at packing in the loot. The trapper can now carry more loot before needing to return to a stockpile.
TrapperLevel1.png Level 5 Toothier Traps (Not Yet Implemented) Traps now lure in and hold larger prey. Traps can now catch creatures larger than small critters.
TrapperLevel1.png Level 6 The Deadliest Catch(Not Yet Implemented) Lay special trapping zones to 'deter' acquisitive neighbors. Traps can now be used as a defensive emplacement.