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Players can trade with travelling merchants using gold coins as a currency. More specialised merchants and Random Trade Events are made available once you unlock Tier 2.

Trading Mechanisms[edit | edit source]

Trading can be achieved via the following mechanisms:

  • Daily Merchant: Appears every day at roughly the same time and offers the exact same goods.
  • Random Trade Event: A trader asks you if you are interested in trading x for y and gives you z days to obtain the goods.
  • Specialized Merchant
    • Available to Ascendancy
      • Havaad's Fine Rugs and Garments - Offers goods made by a Weaver in addition to a Gilded Crimson Rug
      • Rufus Garrow the Stonecutter - Offers goods made by a Mason
      • Norm Windriser's Woodcutter Shop - Offers logs and furniture made by a Carpenter in addition to Red variants
      • Jess Vexed's Tannery and Wilderness Supplies - Offers basic pelts, leather and fur rugs
    • Available to Rayya's Children
      • Box merchant - Offers various containers
      • Crops merchant - Offers various food items
      • Trapper merchant - Offers various furs, meat and feathers
    • Tier 2 (Ascendancy)
      • Jordan Sugarcane's Breads and Soups - Offers food items made by a Cook
      • Sark Blackhammer's Armory Shop - Offers armor and weapons made by a Blacksmith, Weaver, or Mason
      • Farmer Gem's Farm Supplies - Offers items farmed or harvested by a Farmer or Shepherd as well as a Farmer's Hoe
      • Jo Boxen's Container Barn - Offers construction items made by a Potter as well as containers made by a Potter, Carpenter, and Mason
  • Trader Stall[1]: Offers basic resources i.e. Stone and Wood

NB. Selling goods will result in the same price no matter which trader your goods are sold to.

NB. You can no longer make a profit by buying base resources, crafting them into better and selling the items back.

Trader Stall[edit | edit source]

A Market Stall can be crafted by either a Potter or Carpenter. It allows for you to call for a Basic Resources trader to appear. A trader from the west immediately appears nearby in a puff of smoke. The same button used to call the trader can then be clicked again to open the trade window (alternatively, the trader can be selected).

Only Wood and Stone can be purchased from the conjured trader, and the trader only has a set amount of gold available to purchase your goods. Increasing net worth and upgrading to Tier 2 does not seem to affect the amount of gold available.

The conjured trader vanishes after a few hours (if not killed by monsters) and the Call button is placed on cooldown so that you need to wait before calling another trader. To get around this, you can simply have multiple Market Stalls.

Upgrading to Tier 2 does not change the available goods for called traders. It is planned to allow for different types of traders to appear via the Trading Stall in the future.

Reasons to Trade[edit | edit source]

Trading is important for multiple reasons including but not limited to:

  • Non-Available Item Provision: Examples include:
    • Wheat for Rayya's Children players before seeds are made available via Tier 2 trading.
    • Flowers such as Sunflowers and Fox Lily's cannot be grown and are required for one of the Tier 2 monuments.
  • Reduce Inventory Clutter
  • Decrease Inventory Items: There is an Inventory Cap based on the number of Hearthlings. Selling unneeded items and utilizing stackable wood/stone/clay can also assist. Hoarders beware that simply hiring an army of hearthlings may decrease your performance rapidly.
  • Improve Performance: Like any game, the more items you have, the more memory is invested in maintaining the inventory. Very minor improvements can be had if you get rid of say a thousand-odd unneeded items.

Trading Prices[edit | edit source]

Buying Prices[edit | edit source]

The Ascendancy[edit | edit source]

More to be added.

Jess Vexed's Tannery and Wilderness Supplies[edit | edit source]
Item Buy Price
Fur Rug 20 Gold
Bolt of Leather 20 Gold
Rabbit Pelt 10 Gold
Racoon Pelt 10 Gold
Fox Pelt 10 Gold
Squirrel Pelt 10 Gold

Rayya's Children[edit | edit source]

No data currently in wiki.

Tier 2 (Ascendancy)[edit | edit source]

Jordan Sugarcane's Breads and Soups[edit | edit source]
Item Buy Price
Corn Bread 60 Gold
Flat Bread 35 Gold
Savory Meat Stew 30 Gold
Meat Stew Tagine 30 Gold
Omelette 30 Gold
Poyo Pot Pie 60 Gold
Vegetable Stew Tagine 30 Gold
Vegetable Stew 30 Gold
Corn Meal 35 Gold
Egg 5 Gold
Sack of Flour 10 Gold
Bale of Wheat 5 Gold
Sark Blackhammer's Armory Shop[edit | edit source]
Item Buy Price
Bronze Circlet 25 Gold
Cloth Padded Helmet 25 Gold
Padded Vest 40 Gold
Leather Skull Cap 30 Gold
Thick Leather Vest 50 Gold
Spiky Quiver 50 Gold
Bronze Mace 50 Gold
Stone Maul 10 Gold
Farmer Gem's Farm Supplies[edit | edit source]
Item Buy Price
Raw Mutton 30 Gold
Poyo Meat 10 Gold
Poyo Feed 20 Gold
Rabbit Feed 10 Gold
Sheep Feed 5 Gold
Poyo Feathers 35 Gold
Bundle of Wool 5 Gold
Frostsnap Flowers 5 Gold
Varanus Skin 40 Gold
Farmer's Hoe 20 Gold
Jo Boxen's Container Barn[edit | edit source]
Item Buy Price
Blue Clay Window Frame 40 Gold
Blue Latticed Window 40 Gold
Green Clay Window Frame 40 Gold
Green Latticed Window 40 Gold
Latticed Clay Window Frame 65 Gold
Red Clay Window Frame 40 Gold
Tall Clay Window 40 Gold
Tan Clay Window Frame 40 Gold
Tan Latticed Window 40 Gold
Clay Bricks 10 Gold
Large Crate 20 Gold
Large Urn 55 Gold
Leather Bound Chest 50 Gold
Small Crate 10 Gold
Small Urn 35 Gold
Stone Chest 25 Gold