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Overview[edit | edit source]

Tools are items used by your Hearthlings to perform their daily tasks. Each job requires a different tool to do their job, with the exception of workers, who need no special equipment.

Acquiring tools[edit | edit source]

Tools are crafted by artisans. These are normal items found inside the crafting menu of many professions. Order up a new tool as you would any other item, and it will be crafted and placed in a stockpile. Each settlement start's with a Carpenter's Saw and a Trapper's Knife, allowing you to begin crafting the basic tools of more advanced jobs and secure a food supply. Be careful though; these items could be stolen by marauding goblins, and you will be unable to promote anyone to these jobs unless you can craft another.

Using Tools[edit | edit source]

As a tool is a job requirement, there is nothing special that needs to be done to use a tool. So long as a particular tool is available, any Hearthling can be promoted using the promotion UI. If the Hearthling is already using a tool as a member of a particular job, then the tool that they are using will be returned to the stockpile once they promote to the new job. For example, if a Farmer is promoted to a Trapper using a Trapper's Knife, then the Farmer's Hoe is returned to the general stockpile and can be used to promote a different Hearthling to Farmer.

Experience Gain[edit | edit source]

Experience is gained whilst using a tool, for example when a Carpenter crafts an item. When a Hearthling is promoted to a new job, the base Experience drops to 0 (just for this job), whilst the max Experience remains the same. The max Experience increases each time a Hearthling levels in any job. 10 health is also gained each level.

This means that it is fast to level a fresh Hearthling Worker, but slow to level a master Cook for example.

Tools[edit | edit source]

These are all the tools currently available as of Alpha 19. This list includes the name of the tool, the level required to craft it, who makes it, and what job it promotes to.

Icon Level Tool Crafted By Promotes
Farmer hoe.png Level 2 Farmer's Hoe Carpenter Farmer
Weaver spindle.png Level 1 Weaver's Spindle Carpenter Weaver
Shepherd crook.png Level 5 Shepherd's Crook Carpenter Shepherd
Wooden-practice-sword.png Level 1 Wooden Practice Sword Carpenter Footman
Mason chisel.png Level 2 Mason's Hammer & Chisel Carpenter Mason
Blacksmith hammer.png Level 3 Blacksmith's Hammer Mason Blacksmith
Carpenter saw.png Level 4 Carpenter's Saw Blacksmith Carpenter
Trapper knife.png Level 3 Trapper's Knife Mason Trapper
Herbalist staff.png Level 2 Herbalist's Staff Carpenter Herbalist
Bow.png Level 4 Archer's Bow Carpenter Archer
Cook spoon.png Level 2 Cook's Spoon Mason Cook
Potter cutter.png Level 2 Potter's Cutter Mason Potter
Knights shield.png Level 2 Knight's Shield Blacksmith Knight
Engineer wrench.png Level 3 Engineer's Wrench Blacksmith Engineer
Cleric tome.png Level 2 Cleric's Tome Herbalist Cleric

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