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"Traits" are unique parts of the character influencing the behaviour of different hearthlings. Each Hearthling can have up to two Personality Traits which are randomly generated. The player can't choose traits in the unmodded game but he can re-roll the starting crew (or individual hearthlings) to get a different outcome. New citizens obtained during the game can't be re-rolled at all (again, in the unmodded game).

Personality Traits[edit | edit source]

The following table is an ongoing attempt to describe every trait present in the game. Note that some stats are do not combine or are mutually exclusive.

In-game icon Name Description Details
Hothead trait.png Hothead Never voluntarily backs down from a fight. Even from the ones they probably should... When in combat, this hearthling periodically gets an effect that prevents retreating and increases damage for a short time. Gets a damage debuff during cooldown.
Courageous trait.png Courageous Loves to save others, and puts the safety of the town as paramount. Small Morale Boost after successfully defending town from enemies.
Carnivore trait.png Carnivore Just LOVES animals! Especially with hot sauce. This hearthling prefers food that contains meat, and becomes unhappy when eating only veggies. Opposite of "Herbivore". Mutually exclusive with "Green Thumb".
Herbivore trait.png Herbivore Is a friend to all animals! Plants, less so. This hearthling prefers food that consists of vegetables, and becomes unhappy when eating meat. Opposite of "Carnivore".
Glutton trait.png Glutton This hearthling's stomach might as well be a portal to another world for as much as they're able to eat. Maybe that explains a bit of their resilience, though. This hearthling really loves food, but makes use of every part of it. Increased health.
Gourmand Prefers fancy food but dislikes "awful" one. Mutually exclusive with "Goat".

Added in 22.5.2.

Goat Can eat anything and everything but is kinda... ewwww. Mutually exclusive with "Gourmand".

Added in 22.5.2.

Heart of a crafter trait.png Heart of a Crafter Loves crafting things for others. If they don't make at least one thing a day, they feel the day is wasted. Exactly what it says on the tin. Positive emotions when crafting, negative emotions if not crafted anything for long. Mutually exclusive with "Passionate job" trait for non-crafting jobs, like the Archer.
Green thumb trait.png Green Thumb Seems to have a way with plants that is somewhat indescribable. Gets a + mood boost when interacting with plants of all kinds. Mutually exclusive with "Carnivore".
Passion footman trait.pngPassion blacksmith trait.pngPassion farmer trait.png Passion job Always dreamed of being a professional, maybe now they'll get their chance? Gives a ++ mood boost when the specific hearthling has their passion job. There are versions of this trait for every profession in the game (even for simple workers). Note that hearthlings with this trait aren't always fit stat-wise for the job in question.
Gregarious trait.png Gregarious Loves interacting with others, though they do get lonely pretty quickly. An extraversive hearthling. Tends to talk with others more often. Opposite of "Loner".
Loner trait.png Loner Doesn't really care for the company of others. They prefer to be by themselves. An introversive hearthling. Gets annoyed with "small talk" and prefers to be left alone. Opposite of "Gregarious".
Charismatic trait.png Charismatic When this hearthling walks into a room, people always take notice. ???
Professor trait.png Professor Will help people gain experience in the basics of their class, though their explanations tend to be a bit... long winded. This hearthling is a walking encyclopedia. Hearthlings gain a bit of XP every time they talk to a Professor. Only low-level hearthlings with jobs get the XP bonus though (generic workers have no levels).
Jokester trait.png Jokester Loves to tell jokes. Are they good? It's tough to say, but they frequently seem to leave others with a smile. Upon telling a successful joke, increases the mood of their fellow townmembers. On failure... well, sometimes stand-up comedians get sad, too.
Callous trait.png Callous Keeps everyone at arms length. This helps them to not be as hurt when tragedy occurs around them, but their constant guarded composure makes them slow to make friends. Does not lose happiness when townmember dies. Mutually exclusive with "Animal Companion".
Excitable trait.png Excitable Can never seem to keep their emotions in check, so they become happy or sad much faster than normal. This hearthling's mood "progress bar" changes faster than for the others. Works both ways. Mutually exclusive with "Stoic".
Stoic This hearthling's mood "progress bar" changes slower. Works both ways. Mutually exclusive with "Excitable".

Added in 22.5.2.

Empathetic trait.png Empathetic This hearthling is really sensitive to the mood of the town, and it always seems to rub off on them. Small negative morale decrease when around citizens with low morale.
Optimistic trait.png Optimistic Always looks on the bright side, and sees a silver lining in almost everything. Affected less by negative mood modifiers.
Pessimistic trait.png Pessimistic This hearthling is a glass half-empty kinda person. Affected more by negative mood modifiers.
Animal companion trait.png Animal Companion Ever since the heartling saved their future pet from mortal danger, they've been inseparable. This heartling starts with a pet. Hearthlings with this trait can't get "Callous".
Cultist trait.png Cultist This hearthling keeps mumbling about some sort of secret "bunny god" sleeping eternally. What's that about? Will seek out a Rabbit Statue

to pray at it; only does so at night

(based on data in json file for trait)

Featherweight trait.png Featherweight Likes to walk a bit faster than others, though they tend to carry less as a result. Opposite of "Pack mule".
Pack mule trait.png Pack Mule This hearthling can move mountains! They can carry more in their pack, but walk slightly slower when it's full due to the weight. Opposite of "Featherweight".
Night owl trait.png Night Owl The day only really begins once the sun has set. This hearthling prefers to go working late in the night and goes to sleep when the sun is high.
??? Magnificent Beard This hearthling has a truly magnificent beard ???

Traits from earlier builds are listed below, with the addition of the "Hothead" trait in release_707.

Personality Traits Courtesy
Personality Traits Courtesy