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Monsters are planned to be a key element in Stonehearth.

Monsters currently spawn in these ways:

  • The Campaigns: a series of more challenging events.
  • Random Raids: A set of related monsters spawn on the explored map and charge your base.
  • Camps: A fire pit spawns randomly on the explored map with at least one hearth-tender and at least one attacker. Attackers randomly spawn close-by the camp (if there's a hearth-tender?) and will raid your base incrementally.
  • Crypt: A Crypt spawns randomly on the explored map which acts as a spawner for The Undead.

Monsters are typically hostile to other types of monsters. For example, a group of The Red Kiln will attack any nearby Undead or Varanus. They will also attack your flocks / pets. If one set of monsters kills another set of monsters, the loot may not appear, or may be destroyed if the area is lowered to make room for a Camp.

Current Monsters[edit | edit source]


Humanoids[edit | edit source]

The Red Kiln - the empire of the Orcish Khan[edit | edit source]

The Red Kiln is obsessed with gaining honor and glory by holding contests of skill between people of equal ability, so their members wear colors that denote their rank, ranging from common green to blue to red to rare magenta.

Goblins: Small green humanoids with pointy green ears. They usually spawn in groups of 3-5 per camp, with a small stockpile and a fireplace (Wicked Fire Pit). As long as the fireplace remains, random units of the Red Kiln will spawn closeby. They will target hearthling stockpiles, using their warriors to defend their workers who will try to steal as much as they can. They come in a number of varieties some of which come in both male and female form. In the case where multiple hearth-tenders are left alone in a camp, a hearth-tender and some defense will sometimes wonder off elsewhere and create a new Wicked Fire Pit.

  • Goblin Hearth-Tender (Designated hearth-tender): The hearth minders tend to the goblin camps and tend to flee when attacked. Equal to Worker
  • Goblin Thief (Yearn's for a life of comfort): The thieves which sneak into your town and attempt to make off with your stuff. Equal to Worker
  • Goblin Warrior: The warriors who are armed and aggressive. Equal to Footman
  • The wolf trainer, who forcefully trains wolves to hunt hearthlings.
  • Orc Chieftan: Commands the lesser goblins and is powerful in his own right.

Kobolds: Smaller dark yellow humanoids armed with bows which are often employed as scouts.

  • Kobold Scout Archer (Devotee of the Diamond Star): Tier 1 Archer with Green Hat. Equal to Archer.
  • Kobold Elite Archer (Devotee of the Diamond Star): Tier 2 Archer with Blue Hat. Equal to Archer.
  • Kobold Master Archer (Devotee of the Diamond Star): Tier 3 Archer with Red Hat. Equal to Archer.
  • Kobold General Archer (Devotee of the Diamond Star): Tier 4 Archer with Purple Hat. Equal to Archer.

Orcs: Large green gray humanoid warriors with similar mechanics as the Goblins.

  • Orc Hearth-Tender (Designated hearth-tender): Tend to orc camps and tend to flee when nearby your army. Your Cleric (with 2 attack) can kill one. Equal to Worker
  • Orc Warrior (A warrior of the Red Kiln): Equal to Footman

Ogres[1]: Larger gray humanoids that can break down doors. Used to be called Trolls in 2013[2]. Should first be seen as part of the Orc Campaign or if your town contains 20 or more hearthlings.

  • Ogre (An orc gone terribly wrong): Equal to Knight.

Animal Companions:

  • Goblin Raiding Wolf: Similar to the normal Feral Wolf, but is named
  • Kobold Wolf: Small brown wolf which either protects a designated master or is part of a wolf pack

Other Humanoids[edit | edit source]

The Undead: There are two main kinds of these monsters and they only come out at night or during foggy weather, and will spawn in groups of around 3 per night. The Undead also protect randomly spawned Crypts which can drop a Dusty Tome when destroyed.

They have the particularity of walking very slowly and focusing on killing hearthlings instead of going for stockpiles.

  • Skeleton (It yearns for flesh): Skeletons have white bones, visible rib cages, and blue or purple eyes. These will spawn in small groups with zombies during night, or by themselves during fog.
  • Zombie (It yearns for flesh): Undead hearthlings with yellow eyes, green skin, and exposed dark red flesh in several places. These will spawn in small groups with skeletons during night, or by themselves during fog.
  • Giant Zombie: A zombie that somehow is larger in size that most of the other ones and is cursed to guard a chest of loot. Randomly spawns in the forest and never wanders far from its chest. The chest will usually contain decent loot.
  • Necromancer (Practitioner of the dark arts): Necromancers are dressed in a black robe with red trimming. They wield a scythe and spawn from a Crypt.

Other Monsters[edit | edit source]

Entling: Small Tree Ents currently exist in the game and will attack you if you chop down trees, even if it is only partial. On hard mode if you chop down almost all of the trees in your general area you will suffer dearly on day two though this may only be for Ascendancy players[3].

Varanus: These spawn occasionally and are very well armored. They can break down doors. They come as large (red) or small (green) Varanus. A large Varanus can be accompanied by several smaller versions. They are fairly easy to defeat with enough people attacking.

Little Stone Golem: The entlings of the desert but they are made of stone, are more durable, and attack in smaller groups.

Stone Golem: A rock that attacks you. These come in only a swarm of one or two. Similar to Varanus, a Stone Golem is often accompanied by one or many Little Stone Golems.

Animals[edit | edit source]

  • Feral Wolf: Safe enough to begin with, once trained by the Goblins, they become dangerous and vicious.
  • Giant Wolf: These spawn occasionally one at a time and more powerful than the Feral Wolf.

Future Monsters[edit | edit source]

Boss Monsters/Titans[edit | edit source]

Bigger, badder and more powerful than their smaller cousins, boss monsters are designed to lay waste to your settlement. Boss Monsters/Titans are not yet implemented. This legendary group of giants include:

  • Squid/Cthulu: A hulking great red humanoid, Squid has green eyes and a tentacle-like beard. This monster makes settlers look like ants in proportion and can quickly decimate a settlement unless dealt with quickly. It is unknown what powers/strengths this monster has or what triggers its spawn.
  • Ent: A giant tree man.

References[edit | edit source]