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Mason icon.png "The Mason crafts building materials and decorative items from stone."

Job Information[edit | edit source]

The Mason is an artisan who crafts products out of stone. A mason is promoted from a worker, and requires a Mason's Hammer and Chisel, which is crafted by the Carpenter. The mason was introduced in Alpha 7. Once promoted, the mason can build the Mason's Workshop, which requires one stone resource. Masons are distinguished from normal Workers because of their orange tunics. Other than that, Masons have the same needs as workers, and they will also help with construction of buildings and the gathering of resources.

Recipes[edit | edit source]

The mason can craft numerous items out of stone at the Mason's Workshop.

Workbenches[edit | edit source]

Icon Level Name Description Ingredients
Mason pedestal.png Level 3 Mason's Pedestal A well lit place for creating stone artwork. 3 stone resources
1 wood resource
Mason workbench.png N/A Mason Workbench Required to produce most of the Mason's recipes. 1 stone resource

Tools[edit | edit source]

Icon Level Name Description Ingredients
Cook spoon.png Level 2 Cook's Spoon Promotes a hearthling into a Cook. 1 stone resource
Potter cutter.png Level 2 Potter's Cutter Allows a hearthling to make tools and goods from clay. 1 stone resource
1 clay resource
Blacksmith hammer.png Level 3 Blacksmith's Hammer Promotes a hearthling into a Blacksmith. 1 stone resource
Trapper knife.png Level 3 Trapper's Knife Required to promote a hearthling into a Trapper. 2 stone resource
1 wood resource

Building Parts[edit | edit source]

Icon Level Name Description Ingredients
Cobblestone fence.png N/A Cobblestone Fence A rustic, sturdy wall segment. 1 stone resource
Cobblestone fence gate.png N/A Cobblestone Fence Gate It's thick stone walls grant a sense of security. 1 stone resource
1 wood resource
Stone tunnel door.png Level 1 Stone Tunnel Door Useful for sealing off mine tunnels. 3 stone resource

Furniture[edit | edit source]

Icon Level Name Description Ingredients
Stone bench.png N/A Stone Bench Outdoor seating for moments of relaxation. 1 stone resource
Stone chair.png Level 1 Stone Chair Not horribly comfortable, but a symbol of status. 1 stone resource
Stone table.png Level 1 Stone Table It's considerable weight gives it a sense of gravitas. For serious business only. 1 stone resource

Signage & Decoration[edit | edit source]

Icon Level Name Description Ingredients
Bird bath.png N/A Bird Bath A decorative stone vase with water for the birdies. 1 stone resource
Wooden sign mason.png Level 1 Mason's Wall-Mounted Sign A sign with the mark of the Mason, to be placed on buildings. 1 wooden wall sign
1 stone resource
Stone brazier.png Level 1 Stone Brazier A small fire pit that provides comfort and warmth at night. 1 stone resource
Stone garden lantern.png Level 2 Stone Garden Lantern An ancient-looking lantern with great ambiance. 1 stone resource
Stone wall lantern.png Level 2 Stone Wall-mounted Lantern Attaches to the walls of buildings, providing light 1 stone resource
Roadside shrine.png Level 3 Fountain of Plenty Place to show generosity and faith 2 stone resource
2 food donation boxes
2 gold ingots
Valor statue.png Level 3 The Valor of Cid A monument to your town' military might 2 stone resource
2 goblin honor token
2 varanus skin
Craftsman statue.png Level 3 The Guildmaster's Skill Shows each craftsman at their best 2 steel ingots
1 heavy bandage
1 decorative vase
1 wall-mounted tapestry
1 comfy bed
Tower brazier.png Level 4 Tower Brazier Fashioned after a castle tower, it provides a strong beacon at night. 2 stone resource
Gargoyle.png Level 5 Wall Mounted Decorative Gargoyle Gothic-style carving to decorate your walls. 1 stone resource
Firepit.png Level 6 Stone Firepit The heart of your town 1 stone resource

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Icon Level Name Description Ingredients
Stone maul.png Level 1 Stone Maul The perfect tool for bludgeoning 1 stone resource

Storage[edit | edit source]

Icon Level Name Description Ingredients
Stone pile.png N/A Stone Pile A pile of rocks stacked together. An excellent way to store lots of stone for later use. 18 stone resource
Stone chest.png Level 2 Stone Chest Imposing place to put up to 64 things. 1 stone resource

Perks[edit | edit source]

The mason gains experience by making items at the Mason's Workshop. More experience is gained by crafting higher level items.

Icon Level Name Description Effects
Standard catalog.png Level 1 Standard Catalog The mason can now make a solid array of basic furniture. A base set of furniture and tools can now be made.
Collaborative insight.png Level 2 Fancy Rocks The mason can now make more elaborate items from stone. Additional recipes are unlocked.
Artistic inspiration.png Level 3 Artistic Inspiration When inspiration strikes, the mason may embellish his works in unexpected ways. The mason has a 10% chance to create a 'fine' item.
Extended catalog.png Level 4 Extended Catalog The mason now has the courage to try more elaborate projects. The mason gains new, more elaborate recipes.
Master.png Level 6 10,000 Hours (not implemented) The mason's mastery of his trade allows him to come up with completely new ways of using wood. This perk is not yet implemented and its effects are unknown. Additionally, the mason gains the title "Master Mason".