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The Knight is a heavy armor combat unit that protects weaker units by drawing enemy aggression. Also known as a "Tank".

Description[edit | edit source]

The Knight is a job in Stonehearth that a Hearthling can be promoted to after reaching level 3 as a footman (in the Ascendancy). It is one of two upgrades a Footman can get, the other being Archer. A Hearthling is upgraded to a knight using the Knight's Shield, which is crafted by the Blacksmith.

When promoted the knight gains new armor, the knight's Helm (4 Defense), Knight's Armor (6 Defense) and the Knight's Shield which is used for the promotion.

As of Alpha 16, the Heavy (Steel) armor is now exclusive to Knights.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Icon Level Name Description Effect
Knight perk def up 1.png Level 1 Damage Reduction The Knight gains an additional 10% defense from equipment. The knight gains 10% more defense from equipment.
Knight perk shout.png Level 2 Shout The Knight intimidates the opponent, drawing the attention of nearby enemies. Draws attention of nearby enemies to the knight.
Knight perk fortify.png Level 3 Fortify (Rank 2) Stamina and Courage increased greatly. Increases health and decrease chance the knight will flee in combat.
Knight perk def up 2.png Level 4 Damage Reduction (Rank 2) The Knight gains an additional 20% armor from equipment. The knight gains 20% more defense from equipment.
Knight perk inspiring presence.png Level 5 Inspiring Presence The Knight boosts courage of everyone around. Decreases the chance of other friendly units in his vicinity from fleeing.
Knight perk heros horn.png Level 6 Hero's Horn The Knight sounds a horn of combat, drawing the attention of enemies both near and far. Draws more attention from enemies nearby and far away.