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Footman icon.png "The Footman is a melee fighter. A good choice for the backbone of your town's defense."

Job Information[edit | edit source]

A footman patrolling a settlement
Concept art for the footman.

The Footman is one of the military jobs in Stonehearth. Footmen are basic soldiers and help with keeping peace and harmony in your settlement. Workers can be promoted into Footmen through the jobs page once you have a Wooden Practice Sword. Additional weapons and armor can be manufactured by various crafters that will make the Footman stronger and tougher.

Role In The Trinity[edit | edit source]

The Footman's future role as a DPS fighter in the Footman-Knight-Archer trinity was further defined in Stonehearth Desktop Tuesday: The Knight (March 29th 2016).[1]

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Once promoted, Footmen will automatically begin to patrol around the farms, stockpiles, and buildings in the settlement. A Footman will not help with building or hauling items to and from stockpiles.

In combat the Footman are in a default "aggressive" stance and will attack any enemies that are in their line of sight. Beware as the fight going on, the HP of Footmen with drop down, as it reaches about 20-25% of max HP, Footman will run away if they take any damage (If Footmen has Courage, they will not keep on fighting until they dead).

Once any distant intruders have been dispatched the footman will once again begin to patrol the settlement.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

As new weapons and armor are crafted, the Footman will automatically equip new gear. As of Alpha 10, there is no way to specify if a particular Footman should or should not use certain types of weapons or armor.

Perks[edit | edit source]

The footman gains new abilities as they level up. Experience is gained through combat.

Icon Level Name Description Effects
Damage up 1.png Level 1 Damage Up 20% The footman knows that all combats may have mortal consequences, and attacks with renewed determination. The footman's base damage is increased.
Power strike.png Level 3 Power Spike This powerful, overhead swing deals double damage. A new attack that will cause a lot of damage.
Damage up 2.png Level 4 Damage Up 40% The footman is now practiced at optimizing the effect of each blow. The footman's base damage is increased.
Level 5 Cleave A slashing strike that deals damage up to 4 enemies around the footman's target
Level 6 Damage Up 60% Maximum damage! At level 6, the footman's attacks are unstoppable!