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Farmer icon.pngFarmers till fields and harvest crops, providing a consistent food supply and raw materials for baked goods.

Job Information[edit | edit source]

The Farmer Job allows the player to grow food for their hearthlings. Workers can be promoted into Farmers once you have acquired a Farmer's Hoe, which is crafted by the Carpenter. Once a Worker has been promoted, the Farmer can plow fields and plant crops. The crops can later be harvested and used as food. Flowers can be crafted into decorations whilst herbs can be used by the Herbalist.

Farmers will also help with gathering of resources, but are unable to work on buildings.

Farmers are distinguished from normal Workers because of their light blue shirts with brown sleeves. Farmers also have a little light brown pouch on their backs and straw hats.

Idle Cooks will also help with harvesting.

Note, that when you've planted a crop that has a higher level requirement than your highest active Farmer, the Farmers / Cooks will be able to harvest those crops but not replant them.

Crops[edit | edit source]

You can choose different crops for your Farm plot. Some crops / flowers / herbs are supplied by traders. For some seeds that aren't available to your civilisation, these can later be acquired via trading after achieving Town status via building a monument.

Farm plot
Icon Name Level Kingdom Description Outcome
Farm-fallow.png Fallow N/A N/A Leaves the ground without crops. None
Sweet Potato Level 1 Northern Alliance Sweet but not very tasty when raw

Preferred seasons: Winter

Basket of Sweet Potatoes

Lined up in neat rows.

Turnip icon.png Turnip Apprentice Ascendancy Fast-growing staple crop, but not particularly nutritious nor delicious. Basket of Turnips
Juicy and exciting!
Carrot.png Carrot Apprentice Ascendancy, Rayya Fast-growing, but pretty bland on its own. Basket of Carrots
Lined up in neat rows.
Farm pumpkin.png Pumpkin Apprentice Ascendancy Big, round, and fast-growing, but tasty it is not. Pumpkin Basket.
Ready for eating.
Cactus plant.png Cactus Apprentice Rayya The flowers have medicinal properties. Cactus Flower
A beautiful desert bloom with healing properties
Golden gourd crop.png Golden Gourd Apprentice Rayya Much prettier than it is tasty Golden Gourd
Edible when raw, barely
Watermelon basket.png Watermelon Level ? Rayya Takes a while to grow, but very fun to eat! Watermelon Basket
Farm silkweed.png Silkweed Level 1* / Level 2*** Ascendancy, Northern Alliance This plant's fiber can be spun into thread Silkweed Bundle
Spinnable into thread.
Brightbell.png Brightbell Flower Level 1 Ascendancy Just a flower. Brightbell Flower
Just a flower.
Frostsnap.png Frostsnap Flower Level 1* / Level 3*** Ascendancy, Northern Alliance It's chill to the touch. Frostsnap Flower
It's chill to the touch!
Corn crop.png Corn Level 2* / Level 4** Ascendancy, Rayya Slow-growing, but super nutritious crop. Basket of Corn
Sweet and crunchy.
Wheat.png Wheat Level 2 Ascendancy Amber wave of grain. Bale of Wheat
Ready for use.
Oak tree crop.png Oak Tree Level 5 Ascendancy Out of trees? Get ready to participate in reforestation. Oak Tree Sapling
Plant it in the earth and watch it grow.
Acacia tree crop.png Acacia Tree Level 5 Rayya Out of trees? Get ready to participate in reforestation. Acacia Tree Sapling
Plant it in the earth and watch it grow.
Pine Tree Level 5 Northern Alliance Out of trees? Get ready to participate in reforestation. Pine Sapling

Ready to be transferred to a bigger plot.

Sunflower N/A N/A Sunflower

Bright and happy like the sun.

Fox Lily N/A N/A Fox Lily

Orange flowers bearing resemblance to fox tails

* Ascendancy ** Rayya's Children *** Northern Alliance

Farms can be built through the Zone Tool or by clicking F.

Perks[edit | edit source]

Farmers level automatically while working. Experience is only gained when harvesting a plant, not when tilling dirt or planting seeds.

Icon Level Name Description Effects
Speed up.png Level 1 Speed Up 10% Running fresh food from field to table has increased the farmer's foot speed. The farmer will now move faster.
Farmer level noicon.png Level 2 Job Opportunities Exposure to fresh food has given the farmer ideas about cooked food. See the promotion menu for details. The farmer is now eligible for promotion to new jobs, such as the Cook.
Farmer level noicon.png Level 3 Bountiful Harvest The farmer coaxes greater yield from each plant. The farmer will get more from each plant he harvests. Currently, this has no effect.
Farmer level noicon.png Level 6 Nature's Surprise (not implemented) Occasionally, the farmer's special touch yields... special results. This perk has not yet been implemented and its' effects are unknown.