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Overview[edit | edit source]

Decorations are items to make your village livelier.

Acquiring decorations[edit | edit source]

Decorations are crafted by your crafters. These are normal items found inside the crafting menu of many professions. Order up a decoration as you would any other item, and it will be crafted and placed in a stockpile. Certain items, however, can only be obtained by trading, looting, or special events.

Using decorations[edit | edit source]

There is nothing special that needs to be done to use a decoration. You can place most decorations anywhere you want in the world - certain decoration, however, must be placed on walls.

Decorations[edit | edit source]

These are all the decorations currently available as of Alpha 14 and some of Alpha 21 There are also fine version of some decorations - they are the right icon.

Icon Name Crafted By
Icon N/A Goblin Token Only Obtainable by Death of Goblin
Icon N/A Inn Wall-Mounted Sign Carpenter
Banner wall big.png Big Wall-Mounted Banner Weaver
Bird bath.png Bird Bath Mason
Wooden sign blacksmith.png Blacksmith's Wall-Mounted Sign Carpenter
Blown glass vase.png Blown Glass Vase Potter
Window box brightbell.png Brightbell planter Carpenter
Wooden sign carpenter.png Carpenter's Wall-Mounted Sign Carpenter
Clay lamp.png Clay Lamp Potter
Clay wall lamp.png Clay Wall Lamp Potter
Curtains.png Curtains Weaver
Throw rug.png Decorative Throw Rug Weaver
Decorative tray.png Decorative Tray Potter
Decorative vase.png Decorative Vase Potter
Firepit.png Fire Pit Loot only
Tile floor mosaic.png Floor Tile Mosaic Potter
Window box frostsnap.png Frostsnap planter Carpenter
Fur rug.png Fur Rug Weaver
Garden gnome.png Garden Gnome Potter
Gilded crimson rug.png Gilded Crimson Rug Trade only
Golden clay wall planter.png Golden Clay Wall Planter Potter
Wooden sign mason.png Mason's Wall-Mounted Sign Carpenter
Plushie toy rabbit.png Plushie Toy Rabbit Weaver
Potted cactus.png Potted Cactus Potter
Banner wall small.png Small Wall-Mounted Banner Weaver
Stone brazier.png Stone Brazier Mason
Stone floor candle holder.png Stone Floor Candle Holder Loot only
Stone garden lantern.png Stone Garden Lantern Mason
Stone wall lantern.png Stone Wall-Mounted Lantern Mason
Tombstone.png Tombstone Hearthling death
Tower brazier.png Tower Brazier Mason
Unfired clay vase.png Unfired Clay Vase Potter
Gargoyle.png Wall Mounted Decorative Gargoyle Mason
Tile wall mosaic.png Wall Tile Mosaic Potter
Tapestry wall.png Wall-Mounted Tapestry Weaver
Wooden sign weaver.png Weaver's Wall-Mounted Sign Carpenter
Firepit skulls.png Wicked Fire Pit Not-obtainable.
Wooden garden lantern.pngWooden garden lantern fine.png Wooden Garden Lantern Carpenter
Wooden wall lantern.pngWooden wall lantern fine.png Wooden Wall-Mounted Lantern Carpenter
Wooden sign.png Wooden Wall-Mounted Sign Carpenter