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The Cleric is a ranged healing job that specializes in combat support magic.

Job Information[edit | edit source]

The Cleric is a job in Stonehearth that a Hearthling can be promoted to after reaching level 2 as a Herbalist using the Cleric's Tome which also happens to be crafted by the Herbalist.

The Cleric is a combat healer. It's main focus is to support the footmen, knights, and archers by making them sturdier and more effective during fights, it also uses healing spells.

When promoted the Hearthling is granted The Cleric's Robes (1 defense) and the Tome of Healing (2 attack).

Clerics lose the ability to craft potions and bandages, however, they can still use potions and bandages on townsfolk when not in combat. They can also heal injured townsfolk by standing near them, both by using their healing aura and by casting direct healing spells at injured allies.

The Cleric's healing ability is based on the Compassion statistic.[1]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Icon Level Name Description Effect
Cleric perk raise muscle.png Level 1 Minor Strength The cleric's presence improves the muscle of those around them. Increase damage of friendly units around the cleric.
Compassion up.png Level 2 Compassion Up Increased compassion for increased direct healing. Increase healing done with single target healing.
Cleric perk healing aura 2.png Level 3 Healing Aura (Rank 2) Healing aura power increased. Inceases healing done by aura
Cleric perk healing aura 3.png Level 4 Heal Aura(Rank 3) Healing aura range increased. Increases the radius of the clerics healing aura.
Cleric perk raise muscle 2.png Level 5 Major Strength The cleric's presence greatly improves the muscle of those around them. Increases the damage of friendly units further.
Healing master.png Level 6 Healing Master The cleric has mastered the art of healing. Compassion greatly increased Increases healing done by the cleric greatly.

References[edit | edit source]