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Building is one of the key gameplay features of Stonehearth. Players can place pre-fabricated building templates (designed by the developers or other players[1][2]) anywhere on the map and idle hearthlings will rush over with gathered materials / furniture to build the structure.

Building templates can be edited and saved before placement, allowing specialized customization.

Furniture that isn't in your Inventory at the time a building template is placed, are automatically queued in the relevant Workshop.

Building Placement[edit | edit source]

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Hearthlings seem to construct a building via the following steps. If they cannot perform the next step, construction simply ceases even if you have materials for other parts of the building.

  1. Foundation (Floor)
  2. Floor Furniture
  3. Walls
  4. Windows
  5. Roof

Ladders and scaffolding will be automatically constructed and destroyed as building progresses. If it's impossible to access an area to create a ladder, construction may cease and you'll need to make that area accessible and possibly create a ladder for them.

Troubleshooting Tips[edit | edit source]

When placing a building, be mindful that your hearthlings will need to be able to access all parts of the building. They will need 2 spaces around a building to place scaffolding (ladders) to get there in addition for space(s) per overhang. If building ceases to progress:

  • Ensure that workers can reach all remaining blocks (within 2 or 3 spaces). It's thus suggested to not build too close to a mountain, cliff or water feature.
  • Ensure you have the required items (Fine items are not equivalent to normal items).
    • Also ensure that the required items are pathable. (Is there a wall, fence, tree, locked door, cliff, etc. in between the building and required material?)
  • Ensure that placed furniture is accessible, not floating and not too close to the ceiling.
  • Ensure that there are available Workers / builders with no higher priority tasks (e.g. food / sleep / cowering)
  • Try placing a ladder manually to non-accessible areas.
  • Select the building, click "Pause Building", do something else for a bit, select the building and click "Continue Building", manually place a ladder to the next area which should be built
  • If the building itself is finished but furniture is missing, try manually destroying unneeded ladders that are blocking the placement of a piece of furniture (Ctrl + C and then type destroy).
  • Try saving and restarting Stonehearth
  • As a last resort, Debug mode can instant build the building (Ctrl + C and then type ib). This uses no resources.

Example - Inadequate Space to Create Ladder:

You've placed a building next to a mountain / tree / fence. Work halts when building the upper walls as they cannot create a ladder.

You clear the mountain / tree / fence. You manually create a ladder to the next step of work. The hearthlings rush to gather resources and recommence work.

Example - Ladder Interrupts Furniture Placement:

Your building design involves an item placed under a window. Work halts after the building is constructed as workers created a ladder to put in the window and cannot place the on-ground item (due to the ladder). You delete the ladder. The hearthlings rush to place the remaining furniture.

Current Building Features[edit | edit source]



  • Place Item | Shortcut p
  • Construct Ladder | Shortcut l

NB. If you place certain items manually (i.e. via Place Item rather than Place Building) you will not be able to move / remove them outside of Debug mode (Ctrl + C and then type destroy). An example is a Door (in comparison to movable tunnel doors)

NB. Ladders no longer require accessible wood. They are also automatically placed / destroyed by hearthlings when constructing buildings or placing objects.

Building Materials[edit | edit source]

  • Wood resource
  • Stone resource
  • Clay resource

Furniture[edit | edit source]

When Designing a custom building, any place-able items (e.g. Furniture, Workbenches, Decorations) that are currently able to be crafted by the player, can be placed into the custom building. For pre-made buildings, if you are not yet able to construct an item, the building can still be placed, but will not be able to be finished until you can create and place the required items.

Planned Building Mechanics/Features[edit | edit source]

This is not an official list and is subject to change by the developers.

  • Materials with different strengths
  • Physical Constraints. For example it will not be possible to create a tall building without enough supporting strength
  • Lots of different building materials that can customize the look of your buildings
  • Physics model If one of the key supports in a building is destroyed, there is a risk of your entire building collapsing.

References[edit | edit source]