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Release[edit source]

Alpha 15 develop build 2867 was the third release of the Alpha 15 develop code base. It was released on March 01, 2016.

Patch Notes[edit source]

Patch notes are copied from the official Stonehearth development blog.

Lots more fixes as we move Alpha 15 along! Here’s what you’ll find in this release:

  • People no longer get stuck while running across modified terrain
  • Tweaks to crafter workshop UI
  • Fix for herbalist getting stuck in a bad state on load
  • Prevent town alert mode from getting stuck when the button is pressed repeatedly
  • Display folder name in save view as a tooltip. Helps users find the right save
  • Make sure beds and chairs are available to others when they are no longer in use
  • When AI gets stuck on a certain action, add logging to help diagnose problem
  • Make sure recovering and sleeping buff are no longer persisted past time
  • When you load a game from an existing game, the time controls now work properly
  • You can now start/stop AI logging using the entity inspector in debugtools
  • Clicking on town button repeatedly no longer throws a set on destroy error
  • Footmen now drop carrying when starting a patrol action, so their backpacks will not be full of stuff nobody else can get to
  • Various fixes for building dependency calculations
  • You can now build columns close to other columns and slabs
  • Performance improvements to “grow walls” code
  • Tweak inventory of Iskender Traders
  • Better update mechanism for encounters
  • Add two new music tracks to the game
  • Farmers now find new farming-related tasks in a more sane fashion
  • Goblin raiders now go away after 2 in game days, so they don’t sit around forever if they can’t find a path to your town
  • Shepherded animals are less likely to wander outside pastures
  • Monsters that should be leashed to an area are now more likely to stay in that area
  • Collection quest now works properly on save/load
  • Camera now has full overhead view
  • Growing walls around holes in the floor no longer results in extra walls
  • Crafter signs are now made by their respective crafters, using a plain wooden sign from the carpenter