Alpha 14 dev-2818

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Release[edit source]

Alpha 14 dev build 2818 was the fifth release of the Alpha 14 dev code base. It was released on January 28, 2016.

Patch Notes[edit source]

Patch notes are copied from the official Stonehearth development blog.

Hats and Helms![edit | edit source]

Moar Monsters? Moar Armor! This release finally implements a new schema for hair that allows for hats and helmets. Some classes come with hats by default, and others can get helmets from advanced crafting recipes. For modders, this release also includes a new way to define the colors of things from json palettes, allowing more variation in hearthling hair colors, skin tones and more. As a side effect of this update, hearthlings imported from older saves may now look different than they used to; think of it as Xtereme Makeover, Stonehearth Edition.

Features and gameplay bugfixes:[edit | edit source]

  • Lots more hair color variations and permutations for hearthlings
  • Revised stockpile categories
  • People no longer allowed to attack objects that have no hit points
  • Task groups and hearthling therapist now saves/loads properly
  • Food now disappears if it is half eaten; should solve food littering issues
  • More tuning for enemy encounters
  • Generic banners for individual combat commands
  • Add icon for tumbleweed
  • Farmers no longer place only plants
  • All doors now properly keep out enemies
  • Party banners now work correctly with older saves
  • Cancel order command now available on combat banners
  • Cancel order command now available on party and fooman unit frames
  • Place item action text now properly shows item being placed
  • Fixed a crafter UI bug when crafting window is open during level up
  • Fixed counts in placement UI to update properly when placing items
  • You should get a notification the first time you engage with enemies from an encounter
  • Rotten food is now a separate thing, so you can delete it. All rotten baskets of food will become a generic rotten basket of mush
  • Crafting buttons are now fully clickable
  • Properly line up carpenter workbenches
  • Put items on table at correct offset
  • Add repeat flag to sounds, golem footsteps
  • Fix lots of little workshop issues
  • Make sure ladders track height of scaffolding
  • Stop hearthlings from falling through scaffolding
  • Add loot drops to wolf raid
  • SFX for Goblins and Golems and other monsters
  • Increase clay drops in desert
  • Fix up inconsistent farms on load
  • Fix party banners so they work in older saved games
  • Undead infection debuff now stops all natural healing
  • If an animal is spawned by a shepherd and not claimed for the pasture, it will disappear in a day

Performance and optimization enhancements:[edit | edit source]

  • Various fixes for ladders
  • Destroy unnecessary traces, to improve performance and memory usage
  • Make restocking much faster
  • Release lease immediately for unneeded items
  • Performance enhancements to building, fix some memory leaks
  • Fix lua and coroutine related memory leaks in the game’s AI
  • Fix mining bugs introduced by town task management improvements
  • Expanded pathfinding range for hearthlings to 1,000 voxels
  • Fix issue growing walls and columns to intersect roof
  • Encounter nodes are now reaped when the encounter is over