Alpha 13 release-483

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Release[edit source]

Alpha 13 release build 483 was the first release of the Alpha 13 release code base. It was released on December 04, 2015.

Patch Notes[edit source]

Patch notes are copied from the official Stonehearth development blog.

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed adding roofs to L-shaped buildings.
  • Fixed one bug that caused hearthlings not to mine. There is still another idle mining bug though.
  • Fixed engine error when trying to attack with an invalid weapon.
  • Fixed bug where Potter Kiln smokes forever when the potter goes off to eat; thanks for debugging that, Jomaxro!
  • Fixed collision height on Potter Kiln.

Other Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Cluster trees around lakes in desert biome. Improve placement of boulders and flora.
  • Added Buy All/Sell All buttons in trading window.
  • Rayya’s Children pays less than Ascendancy at some common stores.
  • Rayya’s Children worker outfit 2 is now properly colored.
  • Rayya’s Children weaver no longer makes winter outifts.
  • Rayya’s Children hearthings now call on Rayya, not Cid, in moments of stress.