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Release[edit | edit source]

Alpha 13 is currently in release state. The main release of Alpha 13 was dev-2720, released on November 25, 2015.

Patch Notes[edit | edit source]

Detailed patch notes can be found at the official Stonehearth development blog.

Redesigned Game Options[edit | edit source]

All new storybook-inspired getting started screen: select your kingdom, biome, and difficulty via interactive illuminated manuscript ​with borders by Tom and illustrations from Allie.

New Biome[edit | edit source]

Welcome to the desert! Eat prickly pears and husband your wood; it’s beautiful but bleak out there.

New Playable Kingdom[edit | edit source]

​Rayya’s Children is now available for play-testing!

  • Their default starting talisman is the Potter’s Cutter.
  • Make clay bricks to build shelter in the desert.
  • Four brand new desert-themed housing templates.
  • New desert-themed UI skin, supported by the hot-loading mods feature.
  • New trading encounters.
  • Make lots of items to sell for necessities and talismans.

​Rayya’s Children’s basic systems are in place, but still need a lot of tuning, so write us with your feedback.

New Roof Editor[edit | edit source]

We’ve added more options to the roof editor. You can now make flat roofs, control the height of the walls below the roof, and the amount of roof overhang in each direction.

“Hearthling Therapist”[edit | edit source]

The citizens UI has been overhauled and redesigned! In addition to showing portraits and attributes for the hearthlings, you can now select which jobs the hearthling should be able to perform. This makes it a lot easier to decide who to promote and control what jobs should be performed in your town.

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

Numerous bug fixes were implemented for this release. For a full list of bug fixes see this wiki page or the official development blog.