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Release[edit source]

Alpha 12 release build 460 was the first release of the Alpha 12 release code base. It was released on October 26, 2015.

Patch Notes[edit source]

Patch notes are copied from the official Stonehearth development blog.

New Crafter Workbenches[edit | edit source]

Crafters now have new specialized workbenches which are required for crafting certain items. For example, in addition to the standard workbenches we now have the Weaver Loom and Spinning Wheel, Blacksmith Forge and Anvil, Cook Stone Mill Grinder, Oven, and Cauldron, Carpenter Toolbench, and Mason Pedestal.

Workbenches are created using the crafting UI just like any other craftable item. After the workbench is created, you place it just like any other placeable item. You can place multiple workbenches of the same type, and the crafting queue is now shared between all crafters of the same profession. For example, if you have two weavers, they will both use the same Loom (or multiple Looms) to weave cloth.

The crafting UI also has an ‘Orders’ tab that shows details of all the crafting orders and what might be blocking an order from being fulfilled. You can access the crafting UI from a selected crafter, a selected workbench, or from the new crafters button on the game’s button bar.

World Generation[edit | edit source]

The world has a new look! Huge mountain ranges and large bodies of water are now the norm, and multi-layer detailing can be seen on the side of foothills and mountains. Pine trees have also been added to the world. The world generation parameters are now fully moddable from json files which will enable the creation of new biomes.

Internationalization[edit | edit source]

Stonehearth has been internationalized! After installing a localization mod, you can change the language on the Settings->System menu. The localized strings are now in a single file to simplify translation. See ‘startermod_locale’ on Github for more information: [[1]]

Hearthling OCD and Idle Hearthlings[edit | edit source]

The bug causing hearthlings to repeatedly pick up and put down items has been fixed. Also, we have made big improvements to the pathfinding algorithms which should significantly improve the idle hearthling problem. Please let us know how it works in your new towns. To help manage performance, we’ve also added a slider to Settings->Gameplay, which allows you to control the maximum number of citizens in a town. If you are experiencing idle hearthling or other performance issues, try lowering this limit.

New Content[edit | edit source]

  • Rabbits, poyos, and sheep… oh my! The shepherd can now raise multiple types of animals. Well fed animals also now have babies and poyos will lay eggs that can either hatch into chicks or be used in recipes. Remember to create animal feed from the Cook so that your animals have something to eat!
  • Oak tree saplings can now be farmed, harvested, and planted in the world.
  • Added and updated a number of cook and carpenter recipes including corn bread, poyo pot pie, roast poyo, fried eggs, and omelettes.
  • 13 new music tracks have been added!

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Teardown ladders after scaffolding to give hearthlings a chance to get off the roof before becoming stranded.
  • Fixed bug computing 2nd story floor dependencies which could result in a structure becoming unbuildable.
  • Improved scaffolding logic for complex buildings.
  • Fixed assertion errors when building and tearing down ladders.
  • Fixed bug placing doors and windows in invalid locations.
  • Fixed frozen hearthlings when picking up ghosted items.
  • Fixed save/load bugs with the inventory system.
  • Fixed bug that caused hangable items to fall down.
  • Fixed bug preventing hanging items on cliffs.
  • Fixed a rare crash starting a new game.
  • Fixed bug that prevented water bodies from merging resulting in permanent blue squares and high CPU usage.
  • Water no longer renders as black when the rear plane is not facing the sun.
  • Fixed an engine error when a hearthling task terminates at the same time as a lua thread.
  • Fixed the collision region for the Picket Fence Gate and Cobblestone Fence Gate.
  • Fixed the promotion sound effect which was somtimes too loud.
  • Fixed bug that kept popping up the storage UI when no storage was selected.
  • Crafter maintain function now works as advertised.
  • Fixed bug reordering crafting queue.
  • Fixed UI error when a character sheet is open for a hearthling that dies.
  • Fixed UI error “Attributes must be numbers, strings or booleans…”
  • Fixed disappearing UI when clicking the ‘x’ button on the daily report.
  • The close button now works on the save window.
  • Fixed bug that caused the ‘Zzzz’ animation to terminate early for sleeping pets.
  • Fixed crash loading game due to a race condition with ladders.
  • Fixed bug that caused hearthlings to be stuck in beds and chairs on load.
  • Fixed crash on start when Stonehearth is installed in a virtual hard drive / virtual folder.
  • Fixed bug causing crash on load when a ladder has already been destroyed.
  • Fixed engine error when cancelling and removing a structure.
  • Fixed bug casing hearthlings to dance randomly when trying to eat.
  • Fixed food and food container categories for a bunch of items.
  • Fixed bug that was leaking pathfinders and reducing performance.
  • Fixed engine errors during load caused by race conditions.
  • Fixed bug trying to update scaffolding that had been removed.
  • Fixed several bugs that caused the UI to disappear.
  • Fixed UI error when reordering items in the crafting window.
  • Navigation buttons for the Chromium embedded browser have been disabled. Previously, hitting backspace could bring you to the previous menu.
  • Fixed bug that displayed deployed items separately from undeployed items in the inventory window.
  • Fixed an ai bug that restocked an item when trying to move it.
  • Fixed bug initializing items that did not define a mob in their json.
  • Fixed collision region for large boulders.
  • Fixed bug that was orphaning items in backpacks when entities were destroyed.
  • Fixed bug that was orphaning timers on suspended threads.
  • Fixed loading race condition with the health observer.
  • Fixed engine error trying to craft level 6 recipes.
  • Fixed engine error for one frame animations that are used for posing.
  • Fixed input fields that were triggering numeric hotkeys.
  • Fixed engine error that could occur when changing storage filters.
  • Fixed morale penalty when the shepherd harvests animals.
  • Fixed frozen hearthlings bug when destroying an occupied bed or chair.
  • Recreate ghost and iconic entity forms when they are destroyed with the debug console.
  • Fixed bug when destroying items inside backpacks.
  • Improved grow walls command to handle more cases with 1 block wide cuts in the floor.
  • Fixed engine error with pastures when saving/loading the game.
  • Fixed a race condition on load with the waterfall renderer.
  • Fixed crash to desktop when recovering from an assertion with no error message.
  • Fixed duplicating items when a promotion is cancelled.
  • Made all crafter workbenches restockable (under ‘Tools’).
  • Fixed a bug when reserving space while restocking.
  • Fixed save/load bug with raiding scenarios.
  • Fixed bug that prevented old talismans from being used to promote.
  • Fixed a number of race conditions on load that resulted in engine errors or odd behavior.
  • Fixed ‘item_has_been_looted’ error when trying to restock destroyed items.
  • Fixed ‘try_spawn’ error when raiders are killed trying to leave the area.
  • Fixed engine error when trying to pick up an item from a deleted stockpile.
  • Fixed save/load bugs with postures when saving during panicking, eating, etc.
  • Fixed units stuttering when engaging in combat.
  • Fixed UI error on the promotion window.
  • Fixed ladders being placed in the wrong orientation against rotated objects.
  • Fixed firepit seats being placed in odd locations when the terrain is not level.
  • Added missing value/buy/sell data for a number of construction and decorative items.
  • Fixed hearthlings repeatedly picking up and and putting down items that had been looted.
  • Fixed another ‘item_has_been_looted’ error when trying to restock destroyed items.
  • Fixed missing loot icons on load.
  • Loot operation now uses a loot instead of a harvest cursor.
  • Fixed error ‘invalid normal in normal_to_rotation()’ when trying to place items.
  • Fixed resource leak that was preventing threads and datastores from getting cleaned up.
  • Fix a huge resource/performance leak with pastures, typically when they are fenced in.

Other Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Large AI performance gains with the new CPP AI.
  • Large pathfinding performance gains with the new subspace pathfinder.
  • Improved performance of the AI task scheduler.
  • Improved performance when placing lots of items and ladders.
  • Improved performance when looting.
  • Improved performance when harvesting trees, plants, and boulders.
  • Improved AI performance when building structures.
  • Reduced memory usage of the game.
  • Storage filters can be defaulted to ‘None’ under the Settings->Gameplay menu.
  • The storage UI now remembers which tab was last open, so checking contents and filters on multiple storage entities should be much easier now!
  • Ore veins can now be found closer to your starting location. Previously, we removed them from the vision radius when settling.
  • Malnourished animals cannot be harvested for meat.
  • Rotting food now has visual and sound effects.
  • Buff durations now show up in the UI. Shift-click a buff to dismiss.
  • Shops now have limited quantities of items for sale (instead of 99).
  • Pets now have character sheets.
  • Reset pet hunger when first acquired.
  • The number of wood logs harvested from trees has been reduced.
  • Wood stacks now contain 100 units instead of 120.
  • Added sound effects when buying and selling from shops.
  • Increased experience point rewards for cooking items.
  • Improved the tool for drawing multi-story floors.
  • Footman base armor has been reduced so that the padded vest is actually an upgrade.
  • Reproduction rates of animals has been reduced.
  • Cooks no longer build structures.
  • Masons can now build Stone Chests which hold up to 64 items.
  • Blacksmiths can now build vaults which hold up to 256 items.
  • Game Speed 3 can now be enabled in Settings->Gameplay->Experimental.
  • When facing items, hearthlings now face perpendicular to the item’s closest block. Previously, they faced the center of the item which could place them at an angle for items larger than 1×1.
  • Added slider to Settings->Gameplay to control the maximum number of citizens in a town. If you are experiencing idle hearthling issues, try lowering this limit.
  • Reduced the maximum density of animals in a shepherd’s pasture.
  • Added flavor text for the arch backed chair, leather bound chest, brightbell and frostsnap window boxes, wooden doors, and mason and blacksmith signs.
  • The game no longer spams duplicate errors to the error window causing the error count to rise indefinitely.
  • Alt + z hides the UI.
  • Print Screen key takes a screen shot.
  • Item dropper debug tool now has autocomplete support.
  • More console debug commands added. Type ‘help’ in the console to see the full list.
  • Shift clicking an entity now brings up a context menu of actions (when debugtools is installed).
  • Better error handling of json errors for modding.